Asides in a Dream

I feel a love in transition
aching, heart aside
I feel a love in peril
oblivious to what is near

I feel a dream that’s hurting
I feel a desire in there
But for what is the reason
that I’m so aware?

I said I love you
and you took my ring
with this vow and with this dream
we’d never be the same again

The ring is there
around your finger
the ring is here
in my heart

But why am I aching?

In an aside in a dream
the jester played the fool
In an aside in our love
the jester looks familiar

A whisper in the darkness
and I call out to your again
But am I just alone here
the puppet my only comfort?

I say I still love you
I say I still need you
But I cradle my dolls and babble
and give into it all.

In an aside in my heart
the jester cries out
he storms through his act
tears in his eyes

The crowds cheer him on
simple clown, simple clown
A Jester’s aside, a Jester’s game
but always the fool.