Random Thoughts

Looking back
I do have regrets
of faces that have faded
of names that have gone
I wish that I could remember
all the times I wished to forget
and now I sit here
with your memory lingering
as I got my wish
and now our times are gone

I miss you
I love you
I’m having a bad night

I need you
I love you
find your way home

It’s cold and windy here
I hear the trees moving outside
I think that it’s a monster
waiting in the dark
like a dream, like a memory
like something I’ve forgotten
sent to take me away from
the peace that I’ve found
one boo and I’m so gone
hiding under my desk

I’m not strong
I’m not right
but you knew that

I’m not a coward
I’m just too scared
of monsters in dark places

I’m going to face my fears
I’m going to walk without light
if I have to close my eyes
and stumble in the dark
not sure if the blind path is clearer
or if I’ll bump my head as I walk
but there’s nothing left but to
make my way in the dark
now that you are gone

Rest in easy, my friend
I miss you
I love you
I am alone tonight

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