One of Those Days…

One of those days
can’t find the words
not sorry that it’s ending
not clutching to keep it
just waiting it out

Long day at work
not a lot of hard work
mind you, just long and boring
and something that I’ll forget
tomorrow or the next day

Was hot today
overly unseasonably hot
and a lot of people without deodorant
one guy spoiled my peppermint
damn him; take a bath!

Not his fault of course
but he had $100 in $20s before me
and not $2 to buy some deodorant
to take care of the smell

No bad stories
did talk to the ex
we’re not getting back together
no worries
she’s in my heart but as a friend

Moving forward
marching forward
forgetting this day
and starting a new
any suggestions for tomorrow?

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