The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But…

Some have wondered
who is the one
I spend all my time
lingering over

It’s no one really
an idea, a concept
probably an amalgam
of past and present loves, lives, lusts

That so-thought “perfect girl”
the faceless one in the dream
who I chase nightly in adventures
that are as boring as they seem

Through earthquakes and fire
high winds and red tides
alien mockery and Betty Crockery
partners through the end

Someone who won’t leave
when the going is tough
or when another guy catches
her eye and offers her love

Someone who can count on me
to promise the same
as chaotic as my world is
I’m true to my word

That partner, that idea
that concept, those times
the dream partnership
if only she was real

So I write freely
using my keyboard to “spirit write”
about that dream girl
who probably doesn’t exist

And that’s my story
as I shut down the laptop
truth be told, if she’s out there,
what I’d give to meet her

But she’s a dream
and I’m very tired
and my eyes are closing
and another adventure begins.

Goodnight dear readers.

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