Happy Whatever (with STAR WARS SPOILERS)

It’s the first day of the year. Not sure what that is going to mean for me.

Last week was a very light week at work and we had today off as the offices were closed. Our moderation agents still worked, but those in management had the day off in the new year.

It’s currently 11F and we’re in the worst cold snap in years. We had a white Christmas and we’re currently white for the New Year, again not normal. It was so cold this morning when I got up (2F) that I postponed going to see ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ because I was worried about the van getting started after sitting out for 2.5 hours at the movies.

Yeah, it’s that cold and the van is kind of finicky with starting in the cold.

I’m certainly not ready for the year. I’m still blah about last year. I’m so blah (and so cold right now), that I will probably miss a Star Wars movie in the theatres for the second time in a row.

I didn’t feel like seeing ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ on the big screen. I guess I was depressed by it because there was no point in getting emotionally involved in the characters because (SPOILERS) they all die. Can’t really buy action figures to tell on-going stories when they were all around each other for one adventure and they all died.

Now I know the spoilers and I know who dies and I know who *doesn’t* die. (SPOILERS) The person who died in real life didn’t die in the movies… so that means she’s the last of the big three characters alive and her death will have to come in the next movie.

This isn’t what I wanted to see. It feels stupid just to bring them back and kill them all off. I just don’t know. I’d go if I had someone up here to go with but for now, since today was my day set aside TO GO, I’m probably going to skip it this time around.


And with that, I’ve blogged something for two days in a row.

Yeah. Life.