Blurred Memories

9:14 AM

Blogging quickly on a Tuesday morning. I have a massive trip today with the first stop all of two hours away and the last stop an hour after that. Not at all looking forward to it, but that’s part of life.

Really down right now. One of my volunteers died this weekend. He was a part time pro wrestler, full time dad, who had a massive heart attack after a match this weekend. While I didn’t know him that well, he was the kind of guy that you felt good having in your area. He was just a good guy and right now facing going to work without him in my area is going to be totally different. The standard line when someone dies is to say “XXXX, rest in peace, you’ll be missed.” Well, that doesn’t apply here, he’s already missed. His death is a huge impact on the community and it really hurts. I don’t know how we can fill his role in the community and it will be months or years before the area will be normal again.

For those following my XP ups and downs, we’re currently in an up stage after some downs last night. My cache for this site crashed XP so bad I thought that some sort of evil force in the universe was laughing at that moment in time. Let’s face it, there’s about 130 HTML files to over 120,000 graphics files on my hard drive. That number is going up every day and I don’t think Windows XP will be able to handle it even with 512megs of ram.

On that note, pretty soon I’ll be switching to footage from the new season of the screen savers and techlive. That means that I will be retiring about 80 to 90 thousand techtv pictures from possible use on this site.

Right now I’m looking around our little techtv community and I see a lot of sites that need pictures or sites that should be out there but aren’t, probably due to the fact that there’s not a whole heck of a lot of places to get pictures from unless you take them yourself. I know that if I didn’t have a capture card, I probably wouldn’t have a web site because there’s just not that many ways to get candid photos of TechTV folks acting weird otherwise.

With that, this announcement: When the retirement comes I will be making all 80 to 90 thousand pictures available to anyone who wants to use them. We’ll work out the how’s on how we’re gonna do this later. I sure don’t have the space to host them all, so if someone ideas please share their ideas. I also don’t have a ton of time right now to devote to this, but I will do my best to make sure that everyone who needs or wants pictures from my collection (minus about 2 names — hey, if you’re spending your entire life bashing me, you ain’t getting pics from me), will get them.

All I want is credit for providing them and I want them displayed with (c) 2001 TechTV on any page they appear.

Why do I want credit? Well, I don’t just capture the pictures and throw them up on the web. I have an extensive process of quality control to make sure that every picture that goes up is of the highest quality and lowest download size that you’re going to get from a screen capture. It takes hours and hours to process the pictures and I’d like to have some credit for my work. Blast me if you want to, but I’m proud of what I do here and would like credit for my work.

The second catch is that I’d like you to use them for fan sites. No commercial sites or adult sites. If you’re selling stuff, you can afford far better video capturing units than I have at hand. For the adult stuff, no TechTV Lemons, please. You know what I mean. That stuff freaks out the folks at TechTV and will be the reason if TechTV ever cracks down on sites. The last thing I want to do is fund sites that will hurt the community or get my butt sued, so please, don’t ask if your intent is to do stuff like that.

So, doing a Patrick site and need pictures? E-mail me.

Doing a Megan site and need pictures? There’s Granny Megan and Super Megan pics I haven’t used yet. E-mail me.

Doing a Scott Herriot web site? Seek help now, but I’ll help with the pictures.

Anybody else? E-mail me and let’s see what I have.

On that note, I’m sure I’ll have details later. If you have ideas or immediate needs for pictures, please e-mail me at It may take a couple of days to get back to you (it’s one heck of a week right now), but I’ll do my best to get back to you.

Take care all, BE SAFE.

— k9