The Last Day of the Year, Part 2

4:05 PM

Home now. Gave up any chance of a New Year’s Miracle as while we did see one UPS truck on the road this morning, it sure wasn’t coming this way. Besides, the one web site still has my order listed as “pending” so god only knows when it’ll have shipped. I called that place last week and they assured me it’d be here this week but they were backed up because of the holidays.

I have the Sun Bowl on. Well, it’s at halftime and I’m just waking up from a nap. I’m really starting to hate college football. Even if it’s a team I like (Washington State — who were the “other” team to route for growing up in Washington State; the primary team being the Huskies), I don’t know how ANYONE can get through all of these bowl games. There are 5 today alone and more the rest of the week. It’s absolutely insane.

I’ve decided to add “” to the list. Looking at again and one of the guys I went to high school comes off in his profile (that’s one of the extortion services — $3 a month to list a crappy profile), as almost the same level of braggart and jerk as he was when we went to school together. On the plus side, he’s in the Bay Area so he’s probably slept with his fair share of TechTV people.

I have a headache. I’ve flipped on the Travel channel’s “Top 10 Shark Encounters” just to watch rich people with too much time on their hands “get in touch” with large animals who will probably eat them. Well that’s the hope anyway.

“Mumsey, look at that!” “What’s that dear?” “This large carnivorous fish seems to have eaten my arm!” “Oh dear!”

I never have plans for New Year’s Eve. I always have to work so I usually spend the final hours sneaking into an online game to talk to my best friend. This year, I don’t know, I can’t get in with my laptop (doesn’t have a 3d graphics card), and I don’t know her plans. It would be just fitting not to be able to spend time with her tonight. It’s just wrapping up the month where everything that could go wrong did. 🙁

On an up note my mom’s bringing home subway so hey, we’re having my traditional meal — junk food and I’ll have a spare sub for tomorrow morning when I’m pulling my hair out trying to get through the day with no mail.

Got TechTV on now. Noticed the last product review was sponsored by Radio Shack. Becky’s also being billed as Rebecca. Andrew Hahn gave his top 3 products of the year: The Xbox, XP, and the AMD XP Chip. I can’t diss him because I have an Xbox, my machine will have XP on it if I ever get it going again, and yes, it’s powered by an AMD XP chip.

He’s back now with the worst products of 2001. He’s dissing XP’s plus pack as an added bonus, which I can agree with. $40 for stuff that should have been in the system. But now he’s dissing Bluetooth, if you don’t know what that is, don’t even bother. Just know it sucks. Now he’s onto the cuecat. It’s a cat shaped bar-code reader that sent you to the website of a bar-code you scanned. It was actually free. But no one cared. Finally, the microsoft $160 picture viewer. It’s a floppy drive with a video out. You put your pictures on a floppy to play on your TV. Becky’s vicious and slamming it now. Got to love Becky. She’s absolutely evil. 🙂

— k9