Tuesday Night Test

(Actually written late Tuesday night)

I’m in bed and writing to myself on my new wireless aol mobile communicator. It is about the size of a pager and it does aol email and ims. Since I work online, I can carry this with me and still be relatively connected to work when I am on the road. So far the range has been pretty good, I wrote my friend Summer an email from my allergist’s office this morning, and had no problems with it. I am slowly getting used to typing on the tiny thumb keyboard, and it really is not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I don’t really have much to say tonight, I’m winding down and relaxing before bed. Called a friend earlier earlier, but she was in the middle of a movie and wanted to call me back. West coast people forget that we doggies need our beauty sleep. Kind of feel like hanging out with Moopie, but she better be in bed by now or all of her adopted relatives would kill her. Katie and Summer have gone missing, Brandi’s regal butt is in bed, and my best friend is away until tomorrow night, so I’m going it alone tonight.

So on that note, my little in bed blogging experience is ending and I wish you a goodnight.