Going Dvorak

The term “Going Dvorak” means, in essence, getting up in a really bad mood and going off on the world without a care because you’re angry, you’re upset over an issue and you are, at least at that moment, a meanie head beyond compare.

This morning I think I went the ultimate Dvorak. I knew I shouldn’t go near a computer or write anything. Thankfully, I stopped myself from going off on folks at work (“James, you’re gonna start some stuff today, you better NOT lose your job,” I told myself.), and I limited my Dvorak attack on something that really was ticking me off — screen capture cams.

I took the experiences of several of my friends and several people that I know about and summed them up. It was mean, it was pretty vicious, and frankly, while I do bring up some good points (especially the fact that you DO owe the person you’re talking to in IMS the knowledge that they’re being recorded out of respect to their privacy), had I been in a better mood, I wouldn’t have written it as strongly as I did.

The reaction so far is a general agreement to my assessment that the things are evil and that common sense needs to be used when folks have them on. However, I inadvertently hurt someone who took it as an attack on that person and for that I apologize. My rant was not directed at one particular person and shouldn’t be taken that way. I apologize if I offended anyone.

Also, please know that I don’t hate all MT blogs, but I can’t understand why it’s always one template. I do my blog here from scratch. While it ain’t pretty, I try to be unique and I can’t see why a lot of people stick with the awful MT blog style and don’t go crazy with their own stuff. I live to design. A bad web site makes me cringe and IMODO MT blogs designs are like fast food restaurants … they’re not pretty and a dime a dozen.

But that’s my opinion. Everyone has an opinion. Much like an ass. Everyone has an ass and everyone has the right to be an ass from time to time and, from the opinion of most involved, today was just my time.