Monday Night

So Monday night is here and I’m resting my hands for another day. The pain has gone down but I can’t pick anything up with my right hand without it coming back in spades. I tried to open up a bag of stir fry for dinner and ended up having to cut it open, and when the vet shook my hand this morning I thought I was going to die. Everything else is getting better, however, so getting off my feet for a few days is what I needed.

Been doing a lot of thinking since my trip. I don’t know, I’ve been taking steps to change aspects of my life that have been a concern for some time now. I mean I’m sitting here drinking evian water now instead of my usual coca-cola for god’s sake, and I ate something fairly healthy for breakfast and dinner (we so won’t mention lunch). Once the snacks from the trip are gone, I don’t plan on buying more. Though I was pretty good and didn’t pig out on the car ride. I’m not sure where this is going but I do know by switching to water as my primary drink, I am cutting a lot of calories from my diet and that’s a good thing. While I do need my caffeine buzz from time to time I am getting better.

I have something like 60 days until my 32nd birthday and I’d like to spend the rest of my 31st year losing some weight and slimming down. I so can’t believe I’ve made it this many years. It was bad when I started getting older than a lot of the American idols from the 60’s were when they died, but now it’s getting to me a little bit more. Maybe it’s a pre-mid-life-crisis, I don’t know, but I start to worry about getting older and how bad I’ve been to my body over the years and hope I can change things. I know I can and I’m worrying just to worry right now.

Getting checked out at two doctors tomorrow, then calling the eye doctor when I get home so I can get some stylish new frames. Also should have my pictures back tomorrow so if I can get the scanner to work, I’ll have pictures as well from the trip.

Anyway, 17 minutes until I go back to work. Doing the 9-midnight shift tonight and thought I’d blog again before heading in.

Be good,