Dead Tired

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m heading back to bed. I feel like death and I really really just want to take a nap. Since my folks are away I have both of the house phones in my room, and as usual, I’m cursing the day phones were invented because I keep getting phone solicitations that wake me up.

I think I’m grumpier without soda. Yes, I’m now into a month with the one soda a day plan. I’ve pretty much totally switched to water, which is both good and bad. Sometimes I need the kick that all that sugar and caffeine would bring to me. Like right now, for example, I would kill for a soda or two, but I can’t do that any more and I remind myself that and get through it.

Going through a lot of stress right now. Work has started to get heavy and my mind is either on rearranging the college football boards or in pro wrestling. Don’t ask me about my three other areas. I don’t want to know. There hasn’t been time to think, let alone catch up on techtv gossip. Heck, I haven’t watched the screensavers in weeks and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

I haven’t given up on any of my techtv friends though. Contrary to reports. I’m still here and I”m not going anywhere. I’m just going to be stressed out of my mind until January and the last bowl games are over. Just three more months …