Saturday Morning Headaches

Another Saturday begins here in North Central PA. I’m half awake and trying to find my allergy pills to make this horrible pain between my eyes go away. Some call it living, I call it the dreaded pending cold and allergy attack at the same time. I am stressed, I am tired, and I’ll probably be whoring on webcam in a few minutes to see what god awful faces I’m making without trying.

The addition of my webcam to the site was something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I’m using a registered version of Conquercam at and I owe a big thanks to Moops for suggesting it. It’s $10, I understand it, and I even figured out how to get Dreamweaver MX to automatically update my web page so I didn’t have to program Java myself. I’ll be whoring live on webcam whenever the mood strikes or whenever someone actually wants the damn thing on. So ask if you want to see the further adventures of a guy who has lost his mind in PA.

I’ve changed a lot this summer. God, everything from who and what I’m longing for, to what mouse I’m using, to what I drink when I get up, to having hair (I actually have hair now!), to my glasses to well so many other things. They’ve all been revised or changed or are just different now. Three months ago I wanted one thing with all of my heart, now I’m just happy to make it through the day without another major hassle going on. I’m kind of calm and I’m kind of okay because I’ve been through hell and back lately and I’m just settling into the idea of finding the eye of the storm before plunging back into life again.

I haven’t had this much change in my life all at once before. I don’t really know how to deal with it other than to deal with it. I’m not going to be stuck longing and bitching about how things might have been or the way things turned out (though I will bitch about my plans of going out with friends on my birthday being spoiled — that flat out SUCKS. I HATE being alone and stuck online on my birthday.). It just doesn’t pay off for anyone.

Also won’t escape into temptation. That’s the easy route. Get drunk or high and let it all go away. In my family that’s not a good option. We don’t stop once we start. So after all these years of not doing anything I don’t want to pursue that temptation because god knows I won’t stop. I may not be hip and I may not be cool, but I value this life and I’m not going to see mine through a constant haze and end mine at the bottom of a bottle. It isn’t the answer for me. It only makes things worse.

Right now Evil James and I are planning a road trip tomorrow to go down and see Leo and Patrick at the White Marsh Best Buy in Maryland tomorrow. I’m bringing my camera this time so you can see what fun and excitement a Leo live event entails. I use a cannon rebel FILM camera for a reason: I’ve had 2 digital cameras, they both sucked. With film I don’t have to worry about recharging or storage issues with a film camera. I know film is so last century, but dammit, until the quality of digital cameras in the price range I can afford increases, I’m not going to be buying one soon.

Anyway, wrapping this up with the announcement that season 10 is coming soon. I’m still lost somewhere in captures from 2001, and I’ll be figuring out how to jump start it and change things around so I can bring the new TSS set into the story and get up to date.

What I don’t like about the set/new format:
* Makes no sense to have an old style microphone intro unless you have an old style microphone announcer. Martin and Megan are NOT Don Pardo. They’re not even Scott Herriott so they just don’t work in front of a 40’s microphone doing intros. Having a special spot on the set just for that doesn’t make any sense unless you’re doing it right.

* It’s too bright and has ripped off too many meaningless elements from other shows. The set itself takes parts from the old Johnny Carson tonight show set (if they’re gonna do miniatures and a window, put a desk right in front of it to make having those miniatures mean something), and Regis Philbin’s set of 1989. I’m half expecting the ghost of Wrestler Rick Rude to chase Kathi Lee Gifford up the steps to nowhere like they did that year. Maybe get Leo a wig so he’ll have flowing curls down his back like the style of the 80’s and … oh dear god no.

What I do like about the set/new format:
* There’s more room and it’s high tech. For the cutting edge someone invested a lot of money into making it look spiffy. While I think the set itself would work better at 9 am (Ala Regis) since it’s so bright and chipper, it’s really not that bad. Just dim the lights a little so it’s not so stark and in your face.

I’m sure I’ll have more bitching to do about the set, but hey, it’s 10 am and I’m going to go take a long hot bath and read my troubles away.

Be bad,