Day Four, Oh My Tummy

I did the major geek thing last night and ordered a pizza from They’re located about a mile away and I could have driven over but I didn’t feel like moving. Yesterday was a massively lazy day and I topped it off by doing the classic geek thing of pizza for dinner, eating much too much, and wanting to die until the Pepcid Complete hit my tummy.

Right now I’m awake, I’m not sure what I’m doing today. I might go find somewhere to throw this pizza box out since there are no visible trash cans around here. I hate the smell of dead pizza and Room service isn’t coming for another six hours or so. I also should find a way to work out. I tried copying my taebo tapes to computer but ta-da it was copy protected so you can’t dub it. Bastards. Taebo is so five years ago anyway, but still, I was going to bounce around a bit and try to get a workout in. Really, I was.

Still strangely at peace. Not sure why. I’ve stopped caring. I’m hard to read anyway. People assume I have a lot of anger and a lot of emotions because I don’t visibly react to things. Sure I can get frantic and sure I can get mad, but most of the times when you expect me to be mad (and assume I am because I don’t react), I’m not, I’m fine. I just let it go because most of the time anger is just a waste of time. You can spent all of your time being angry at someone or you can spend all of your time fixing the problem. It’s your choice. I usually take the road that deflects the most pain and suffering for everyone and take it in, get over it quickly, and move on.

I think I’m going out today, just over to wal-mart. Going to look for a birthday present for my dad then probably spend another day playing neverwinter nights to figure out if the one house really is a brothel and why my paladin is hanging out there. 🙂