My Eyes…

It’s early, I’m up, and I have 11 minutes to blog before I have to jump in the shower then go to work.

I watched the first night of the new Adam Sessler/Morgan Webb “X-Play” the other night. Let me tell you, no offense to anyone, but it was the worst thing I’ve seen in a while. There was absolutely no chemistry between Morgan and Adam. Adam’s talking to “Mr. Disembodied voice” was supposed to be funny, I guess, but it came off as a lame attempt at surrealism. I like the fact that we see more of Morgan’s personality, however, she adds nothing to the show. She’s got no cred when it comes to video gaming and it’s pretty obvious that they stuck her there because she’s “Morgan Webb” and they want to exploit the name.

Not that I’d ever do that (don’t look at today’s strip, don’t look at today’s strip …).

I’ve seen a lot of video game review shows in my life. Nothing was ever as bad as the live action GamePro show of the late 80’s/early 90’s. It featured JD Roth running around pretending to be in video games (usually static blue screen overlays). It sucked. It was lame. JD’s reviews had no cred because he didn’t know what he was talking about. Well, unfortunately, this show sucks even worse than that. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???

And what idiot came up with the 11:30 PM ET slot? Most people have to work in the morning. If they stay up late to watch something it’s usually Jay Leno or David Letterman or (in my case) 70’s show reruns. All are much funnier and more worthwhile than this show. I realize it’s their lame attempt to get this block of programming in “prime time” on the West Coast, but let’s face it folks, alienating your east coast viewership in this way isn’t going to work. It never works and even if this show wasn’t worse than the old Mario Brothers live action show (let alone the movie) this show is doomed.

I’ll give it another chance at the end of the week but right now, 11:30 comes and I’m watching that 70’s show.

If the Martin show is as bad as THIS, dear god …

I give X-Play a 0 out of 5. Not even Morgan Webb can save this ship.