Gloom. Gloom. Gloom.

I woke up late. I had another weird dream that I was on the run from the military Ala Bruce Banner and the Hulk, but I never saw what I could turn into. In fact, the whole thing could have been a whole paranoid dream. I remember stumbling into an ice cream parlor and there was a young girl behind the counter. They had hot fudge sundaes in heart shaped dishes. I saw her do a couple of them and it was obvious she didn’t know what she was doing. When she got to serve me I asked if there were any job opening and her eyes lit up and told me there was a problem with her mom and she was there alone all day.

I went behind the counter and the dream sort of went in fast forward. Serving customers, meeting her mom, getting to stay in the spare room. I guess a couple of weeks past and I became part of the family. The mom was single and lonely and we were getting close when I noticed that the military was showing up in town. They thought I was being paranoid but I knew they where there for me. I knew something was coming and everyone would get hurt if I stayed.

There was a whole build up where no one wanted me to go, but I had made a phone call to someone to come get me. Tanks actually roll into town. People are starting to wonder. Both the mom and daughter are begging me to stay because the army’s just passing through … just passing through. The mom and I are walking arm and arm down the street when the space ship comes to pick me up.

The mom’s flabbergasted. Suddenly everything I’ve said was true. The ship is about the size of a taxi cab. Two seats up front, two behind. The pilot, a dead ringer for my friend Brandi, tells me she can only take me, but she’ll set the mom down on top of her apartment building then circle around because she couldn’t get a good angle to jump off planet with all the interference from the military. She gives me a pager and says she’ll get me when things are clear.

I go down to the apartment with the mom and she tells the daughter what’s going on and the daughter freaks and hides. She doesn’t want to deal with this. She doesn’t want me to go or anything to change. We can hear tanks down the street now. I’m saying goodbye to the mom and finally it hits the daughter that I’m leaving she runs up to me, hugs me, and tells me not to go. I give her and her mom rings and say that this would clear their memories of me that I’d be back to get them one day. Lots of tears as I fade away … beam me up from another sad stupid dream.

It’s not raining but it’s wet and my arm hurts so I’m not going to do wood today. Our backyard gets swampy at any sign of rain so a reprieve. Good lord, a reprieve.

I’ll take it.