Company wide reorg.

Sports had too many people.

Suddenly I’m in parenting.

Yah, me, with no kids and no plans for kids, is in working in an area devoted to bringing up kids.

It’s different. I’ve known how to do sports for 11 years down. It’s a new challenge, sure, but it’s also a new system with it’s own quirks and just a lot of pressure coming into it. I have to do well. I have to shine. I don’t want to lose this job.

That’s the big thing, I see sports like an unpowered treadmill where it was up to you to go as far and as fast as you wanted to. Parenting is different. The treadmill has a motor and it’s going to go as far and as fast as it wants even if you’re lying on the floor after being thrown off of the damn thing.

Is it better? Pressure is down, while work is up. I don’t know when I’ll relax enough to do new strips. But my blood pressure *is* down so take that as a good thing.

Anyway, I’m back blogging for now. If anyone’s still out there, the site isn’t dead. You can count on that. 🙂