Yeah This.

TechTV Launches “Hyperactive”: Realtime Game Play That Links With the Network’s Late-Night Programming

Thanks to for that news article. Yes, in an effort to … umm? What, exactly? TechTV is launching something called “Hyperactive.” It’s apparently a new way NOT to watch ‘Unscrewed’ as you’ll be too busy playing videogames. Yes, video games. Neat-o. Peachy keen!

I’m sure they’ve invested quite a lot of money in the technology and it’ll improve ratings by a whole half of a half of a half of a half of a forth of a eighth of a ratings point. The same bump can be achieved for a lot less money by having Morgan Webb or Laura Swisher go braless for 2 seconds of their broadcasts. But hey, who am I to give them ratings advice? They’re so successful that they’ve … well umm. Okay that was a low blow. I apologize.

To make up for it I’ll link to the TechTV Playboy Poll Results page where you can oogle over a picture of Morgan Webb. Note that Melanie Kim was in the voting. Did I miss something in the few times I’ve watched the channel over the past months? Is she actually on-air talent? Does anyone actually care about her? She seems like an attractive girl but umm, is she THAT important to the channel that she should be included? And will she actually have a job in a month if/when they give the Techlive crew the heave-ho?

Let alone isn’t it just like Leo’s luck to have him “scale back” his contract and put all his efforts into ‘Call For Help’ and it turns out that show probably won’t survive the G4/TechTV merger?

Makes sense to me.