Saturday Blues and Other Things

If you’re reading this because you enjoy the comic strips I do, then hey, strips 9-16 of season 28 are probably the wildest strips I’ve written in a while. The ending is shocking even by OUR standards here and we’re going to hopefully explore what this strip is about and what TechTV means and has meant to people in 29 and onwards.

No matter what you may read or what you may hear, THE STRIP IS NOT ENDING. I’m writing 29 now. While I may take some time away, long time readers know I always take time away and the strip always comes back. I’ve done nearly 450 strips in 3 years (as of next month) and have every intent to continue cranking these things out as long as folks actually read them.

I *am* wondering what the future has in store for the site though. Let’s face it, TechTV’s merger with G4 is going to be extremely different. My thoughts are with those who are probably going to be laid off and it’s NOT a good situation for anyone involved. Let’s face it, things are grim and there’s been zero news coming out of anywhere on this matter. I don’t think we’re going to hear anything else to the future of the shows until they get the okay to do the merger. Then what? Well, god, the doom and gloom predictions are going around that it’s going to make the purge of 2001 look like the mini-purges since then. That’s saying something.

For everyone associated with TechTV and for all of those I’ve featured in the strips, I want to say a big THANK YOU for all that you’ve done over the years to keep me entertained. I don’t care about anyone else, I still tune in for a reason (even if half the shows annoy the hell out of me), it’s campy fun and a nice little channel to have. I hope that Comcast finds a way to keep most of you around and you’ll continue to have the opportunity to entertain millions hundreds of thousands thousands the 43 geeks that are watching at one time in the future.