On the Road Again… Again.

Going out of town tomorrow for my usual long journey. Yes, the vacation is here and I’m trying to get everything I need to do done before I actually run out of time. I’m seriously behind on things right now.

The good news is that I got both my computer room/office and my bedroom cleaned so both rooms are actually looking pretty good right now. The air conditioner repair guy is coming this week and HOPEFULLY he’ll fix the unit in my office. It’s 2 weeks old and fritzed out last Sunday night. Won’t come on at all.

Right now I’m editing the copy of “John Lennon: Imagine” that was on Starz or something last night. It was an interesting look at his life and it’s worth catching if you’re a Beatles fan. One interesting scene involved Lennon talking to a fan who had decided to show up at Lennon’s house. He took great effort to explain to the guy that he’s just a guy who writes music, often his songs were nonsense and there wasn’t any great connection to anything. Eventually they brought the guy inside and got him something to eat. They said that Lennon felt responsible for his fans since they get all sorts of crazy things from his music. Yes, it was an ironic scene since a fan cost Lennon his life.

Speaking of life and death, I’m an uncle again. Xander Christian Hudson was born last night. Mother (my sister) and baby are already on the way home. Everything is fine and for an overdue baby he sure is getting a lot of attention. My folks are going to meet him at the end of June. Can’t wait to see pictures. He’ll probably look like my dad’s father (like the other two did) but I hear he has a cleft chin! A real life cleft in the family! Coming from a guy who barely has a chin, damn, that’s going to be impressive. 🙂

Finishing laundry, have a world of video editing to do, then will be on the road at 6AM tomorrow. Wish me luck. I sure feel like I’m going to need it for the trip.