Doctor Doctor

I spent the morning at the doctor. I had dermatology first thing then my allergist agreed to see me for my ear infection and I had to wait an hour or two later than normal to see him. This, of course, was followed by an hour waiting to fill prescriptions.

I done did it good this time. Swelling behind my eardrum with a lot of fluid. I’m worried because I had an infection like this as a child that went untreated and I ended up blowing out an eardrum. I mean severely, 3/4th of the thing gone. So I’m on heavy antibiotics and a anti-inflammatory med to try to get the swelling down.

I’m a serious mess right now. I can’t think, can’t concentrate and I’m really just blah. I know I should have gone last week but I was already scheduled to see him today so I waited. I’m an idiot, I know. Made two gals at work promise to bitch at me until I go to the doctor next time I’m sick.

So life is hell …