Tuesday Again

Tuesday morning, it’s raining and I have to get up and going today. They’ve changed personal reviews to 4 times a year and the better part of the rest of my day will be spent updating mine then meeting with my boss to go over it. Not much there to go over, or that I can share, but it is one of those painful things that you have to do to keep a job in this day and age.

I started site updates this morning. I just haven’t had any time lately to do updates. Life has been busy, busy, busy. I’m turning 34 in 2 days and I’m sitting here wondering where the hell the cool age of 33 went. I spent the year working, I mean it’s great that I’ve outlived a lot of my heroes, but DAMN, I didn’t do anything “rock ‘n’ roll” this year and I didn’t do anything that made it stand out.

Mortality is hitting. I know my family seems to have a longevity gene (aka being too old and stubborn to die), and if I stay in shape and don’t screw myself up I’ll probably live to 90, but still, 34 is coming in 2 days. It’s half to 68. It’s too old to hang out with college kids. It’s the age I’m supposed to have kids and be a dad and all of that. I don’t feel like a failure, but again, damn, where did life go?

Between personal projects and actual work, I could be busy for all of the hours that I’m awake. I’ve been taking a lot of time to play a game with a friend of mine lately, but I still am constantly busy non-game times. I don’t know when I’m going to find time to get to the DMV (my license needs renewing FAST), and I had to put in for paid time off in order to take time off on my birthday and Saturday. I don’t really have plans, but I *am* going to catch up with all the other busy work I have to do on those days.

Today I wasn’t supposed to be into work until 2. BUT I sat there with a headache and couldn’t revise my review yesterday. Now I’m playing catch up and I hope to god that I can get my act together before my 3pm deadline. Oh well, wish me luck.