So I’m catching up with the world and noticed that first real wave of post-merger layoffs hit G4TechTV. Unscrewed is dead and TSS fired most of the staff and is “being revamped.”

You know what’s sad? I’ve been waaaaaay too busy for TV lately. I hadn’t actually watched anything relating to G4TechTV since the merger. The big news was an excuse to go back and watch and see if I missed anything.

I didn’t miss a thing.

I mean Unscrewed is Unscrewed. It’s awful. It always has been awful. Forced laughs and really unfunny segments were just what the show is about. Frankly, I was surprised that it survived THIS long, I mean how long can a one-trick pony go? Don’t apply that to this site. Please. Just move on. It is better that it is off the air. Just accept that.

The Screen Savers? Well, new host Alex (who has just been fired), was a younger, hipper and dumber version of Leo Laporte. After watching two shows I found that he didn’t leave the bitter aftertaste that Laporte did in his last few shows. He was no Patrick Norton, but dammit, who is?

Kevin Rose was still there, oblivious, and still Kevin Rose. Not exactly the guy you’d go for computer help from BUUUUUUUUUT let’s remember that the revamped TSS was no longer about helping people. It was dumbed down to the point of … well being a G4TechTV show.

Sarah Lane was there too. Her blonde hair made me laugh. Alas, it was the wrong kind of laughter. Thankfully, her role was reduced from the old ‘The Sarah Lane Show featuring the Screen Savers’ days (damn you Paul Block! damn you!), and the joy of TIVO came when I fast forwarded through all of her segments. Just wish you could do that in real life.

Poor Yoshi. I mean the guy is kind of studdley now. Totally lost weight, looking good. Fired. Worked his butt off for the network, changed his whole life, and now he’s out on the street. Yah, that’s a good sign of things to come.

Dan? Dan is wallpaper. No one is going to notice him gone. Sad but true.

And now … a revamp. Yes, a revamp. Another one. Something less tech and well, more Kevin and Sarah Lane, I’m sure. Oh well, I kind of liked what I saw from the past few days (all reruns), and I doubt I’ll go back to watching now that they’re finally getting rid of the last few people I liked.

Not that g4 cares, but hey, someone had to say something.