Today is the Greatest

I don’t know how to sum up the day. So I’ll just list.

I couldn’t sleep last night because I had to be up at 6:30AM so I could get a shower in and be ready to take my dad to the doctor.

His doctor’s appointment was at 7:45AM. He insisted on being there at 7:30AM.

I woke up, got out of bed, noticed one of the cats got sick in the middle of the floor in the computer room and was acting weird, got my shower, then ran outside to warm up the car in sub-zero weather.

My dad gets in the car, we get there by 7:29AM.

I sit in the car with the engine running since it’s supposed to be just a quick in and out.

He comes out at 8:55AM. The doctor didn’t even see him at all until 8:15 and made him sit alone until 8:50AM when she said he was free to go.

The last time I waited for him, I didn’t have the engine running and ran down the battery of the car I was driving to the point where it wouldn’t start. This time? I get a fuel light. That’s right. I went from over 1/4 of a tank remaining to the point of needing fuel now or dying.

I get him home, get gas, get to my appointment. My blood pressure is normally 120/90. Today? It’s 145/84. I was waiting on my blood pressure med to be refilled at the pharmacy so I hadn’t had a pill yet. So the top number is bad since I’m stressed and had been sick, but the bottom number, damn, that’s BETTER than normal.

Go to the grocery store, they have one of my meds ready but not the blood pressure one. The also don’t have one of my dad’s meds. I also end up paying $40 for pre-paid Mexican food that I would have been better off paying $20 for at taco bell.

Rush home, get to work. I can’t think. End up clocking out 3 hours ahead of schedule. My dad had to go back to the doctor, then they change their minds and want him to come back tomorrow morning since the pharmacy is refusing to give out his second med. I crash in bed.

Slept for an hour and a half. Sign on and get more bad news from a friend of mine that made me very very angry. Usual stuff, promises broken and instead of being the nice guy that I normally am about it, I just log out of WoW and pretty much give up on the night.

I’m stressed out of my mind. Little things have bigger consequences now. I really don’t know how much more I can take before I completely lose my mind. That’s an honest to god fact. I’m miserable and it’s only getting worse. Something has to change and I really don’t know how to change it.

All I can do is sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

— k9