Make it Stop

I’m having one of those mornings.

I slept in by 10 minutes because I didn’t feel like getting out of bed. After dragging myself out of bed I went out into the living room and noticed the new AC was off. I promptly turned it back on and cursed my mom under my breath because she doesn’t understand that if you’re going to cool a house on a day when it is going to be 95, you need to have the flipping AC on early.

Put the dogs out then fed the dogs and cats. Put the dogs out again then took the garbage out. Staggered outside and around the corner to the garbage and I come face to face with a deer that’s taller than I am. I note that the dogs, who bark when someone farts across the street, of course aren’t barking at all. They’re oblivious. The deer runs off into the woods. I start to wonder about the dogs.

Come back inside and my allergies are starting up. I put the dogs back in, go downstairs to wake my mom up since the kid who does yard work is on his way. She’s refusing to get up. Okay so I lie and say the kid’s mom said he “might” be here at 9 instead of 10. She’s up now. I can go take a shower.

Before my shower I go to check my new Palm Lifedrive. All I wanted to do was use the wifi to check Avantgo for the forecast. Some how by hitting the wifi button to turn on the wifi while the Avantgo was trying to do the same thing set in motion a hard reset of the unit. Yes, all those pictures that I sorted last night on the hard drive … gone.

It’s okay. I go to my computer and decide to try to hot synch and get my files back off my PC. No can do. It backs up what’s in the palm’s memory but … if it’s on the hard drive, well umm. Err.


I hope in the shower and start to have an allergy attack. That’s where we stand now. I’m having an allergy attack after my shower and I’m eating my Quiznos Spicy Monterey Club for breakfast. Why? Because I’m in misery. I’m even ignoring the fact that someone forgot to tell them no tomatoes. It’s good. It’s breakfast. Give me pills so I can see straight.

So the Michael Jackson case is over and I have nothing to watch during the day. I’m such a CourtTV addict when there’s something interesting on. But first, the verdict was fixed, the Jury are idiots and you know what? When they said that “we think he’s guilty, but not beyond a reasonable doubt because the kid’s mother is insane” I wanted to bitch slap each and every one of them. The fix was in IMDO and it just proves that if you have money you can get out of anything in this world.

Speaking of money, Tom Cruise is on a rampage. He’s on nearly every TV show these days. He was on the today show doing his usual rants about how the world of psychiatry is evil and anyone on drugs for mental conditions should switch to Scientology in order to solve all their problems. Yah, it really solved his problems. He’s ranting on every TV show and coming off like an idiot. His masters in the Scientology movement can’t be so insane to see that his quest to dominate every entertainment show with his psycho babble is actually HURTING their cause. Can they?

Oh. Katie Holmes. Dropped from Batman 2 because of her relationship with Tom. She finally makes a good career move and SCREWS IT UP by hooking up with this idiot. What’s worse is the reports that his brain trust had a whole list of B-movie actresses he should hook up with and she was NUMBER FIVE on the list. Everyone else was smart enough to flee at first sight on Tom and his insane rantings. I have a feeling that within a month or two she’s going to go back into the “Whatever happened to the kids from Dawson’s Creek” category that the rest of her former co-stars have fallen into. Poor Dawson, no respect except on TBS.

I had no desire to see “War of the Worlds” nor “Batman Begins” before this, I have even less desire to see them now. I just hope Brooke Shields, who Tom Cruise has openly attacked for seeking help with her postpartum depression, walks up to him and punches him right in the mouth. She’s a giant, he’s a little troll of a man, and it’s going to be one hell of a beating.

Go Brooke, go.