Two More Shopping Days

First, I’m amazed. I discovered the old Control+mouse wheel trick works in the window where I type my blog. Now I can actually lie in bed and type instead of perching on the edge of said bed in order to see anything. I’m not sure if this is going to improve my willingness to blog more often, but what the hey, let’s try it.

My dad has gone a whole two weeks without needing hospitalization. Isn’t that something? After the stroke then the water weight hospitalization, you’d think he was going to start living there full time. Instead, it looks like they have his med schedule pretty much on track and he seems to be doing better.

Of course, my mom has responded to his now undrugged-out-of-his-mind status to spend even MORE time on the road doing mystery shops. It is her way to cope with him. For me, I just don’t go downstairs a lot when he’s coherent. When he’s thinking he can be dangerous to everyone and it’s better not to be in a stupid argument with him than to spend “quality time” downstairs.

So now that my dad is out of the hospital my brother in law is in. Yup, that’s right, in the hospital for a week so far with pneumonia. This started with a massive asthma attack that sent him there to begin with. It may or may not be the cancer again. He and my sister had to get married because he had no insurance in the early 90’s and hers would cover the bills. I’m not complaining about my niece and nephews, but you do wonder why the guy never gave up smoking…

So anyway. There are only two shopping days left until my birthday. I’m used to my birthday being all-but ignored (my sister/her family hasn’t bought me presents in years and my parents just throw stuff — selected off a list I have to give them in advance — unwrapped — at me with little fanfare), but this year… who am I kidding? This year I’m sitting on my butt again because the people I want to be with on my birthday are quite a ways away.

This is a big one, 35, and it’s my own damn fault that I’m in this situation. I could go on and on about life choices, but that would bore you and it really wouldn’t do me any good.

So instead of whining, I think I’ll head to bed.

Goodnight, god save the queen, and buy me something.