Checking in with Reality

Lots of stuff going on, most of it stupid. SO I’m just going to start with an announcement for the few who visit reallycoolsite for the techtv stuff:

As of next week, I’m pulling most of the strips and what’s left will be in Flash format.

TechTV has been dead for over a year and a half now and there’s no real point of leaving up a tribute site on this scale. So everything is going as soon as I get a chance to make some changes.

Frankly, the site was just too big. We’ve been in the process of redesigns for 2 years now that have never been completed because there’s just no time. I say “we” in general since I’m the person running the site and there’s no one else here really. I’ve never been a fan of turning over a site to anyone else and I really doubt there’s anyone left out there who has any interest in running things.

As far as G4 goes, don’t really watch it. I might catch an episode of the Morgan Webb boobie show (“Extended Play”) every so often but it’s really bad. I had considered bringing back strips at one point, but why? We were always a parody of a pretty serious straight news/tech network, that’s what made it funny, but now that every show is a parody there’s no real place for us.

Eventually I’ll end the last storyline with new strips, close out the final season and that’ll be that. They’ll rotate endlessly on our front page for those few who remember the station and the good times.

Not sure what else I can say. It was a good run, and it’s not really ending, but that’s that.

As always, this blog will remain. It’s always been seperate from the main site and we’ll see what happens as decisions are made about content.

Thank you again for reading,