Still Alive

My bad luck was supposed to stop on Oct. 28th. That was the end of the year since the run of bad luck started with the death of Thrashie-cat. Well, life being life, had other plans.

In the last month I’ve started an ebay business, completely destroyed a front bridge, had several hundred dollars in car repairs because a belt went, got in a car crash that did $1500 in damages to my car, and haven’t found a job yet.

Also, one of my best friends lost her husband. He was crushed to death 8 days ago in a freak accident in Florida. He leaves behind a wife and 4 kids, including a now 12 week old.

While my life is stabilizing, hers isn’t. She’s a mess and lord knows how she’s going to get through it. She doesn’t need hopes and prayers and people sharing scriptures, she needs her husband back and some way to feed her kids. It’s going to be one interesting Thanksgiving.

In my life, I haven’t been sleeping a lot. I go to bed at midnight and I’m up at 6am. Today was the first time I really napped in a while. It was brief but I had been up until 1 or 2 last night and I really needed one.

I’ve been cooking a lot. My stomach has been a mess so I took up cooking whatever calms it down. It’s been making a difference. I notice when my mom cooks (as she has for the last couple of days), my stomach can’t handle it. She picks foods that are hard to digest and over cooks them. So I’m kind of not looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner (Turkey, yuck), and am totally looking forward to resuming the cooking duties.

I’ve also tried to reduce the amount of snacks that I’ve been eating. I’m replacing the cravings for chips with total raisin bran. Not as yummy, but easier on my system.

I have a lot of changes going on, and a lot of changes coming, so it’s going to be interesting to see where this next part of my life leads me.