The Morning After

First, my hat’s off to Brit, who is quickly becoming one of my best friends in the world, for sticking by her Denver Broncos even though they did end up losing to the Steelers. There’s nothing like a die hard fan and you live and die with your team like no other. Sure you may say, “Oh, our guys suck, they’re going to lose,” but in your heart you’re thinking, “Win, baby, win!”

20 years ago my family moved away from Seattle. My dad took a transfer and my heart broke. Everything I knew changed forever but my devotion to the “god damned” Seattle Seahawks has remained in place. I’ve followed nearly every game for 20 years and I’ve sat through the ups and the downs my team has had and the mocking from people who notice my ever-present Seattle Seahawks hat.

Last night made 20 years of HELL worth it.

That said, let me just say “screw you” to all but one of the prognosticators working for All but one called for a route of the Seahawks because they had NO CHANCE against Steve Smith. Steve Smith, Steve Smith, Steve Smith. And a “screw you” to FOX because even on the broadcast before the show, the FOX team pretty much came out and said the Seahawks had no chance.

Hell, even after the darn blow out, Terry Bradshaw made a farce out of the trophy presentation then immediately started mocking the Seahawks in favor of his Steelers (taking his cronies at the desk with him). Did they NOT see the three hours? I know there are reports that the game was so lopsided that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman started playing Tic Tac Toe on the telestrator because it was THAT bad, but uh, well, I guess the guys at the desk live in a world of their own.

You know what, low class has always been a sign of Terry Bradshaw (let alone to FOX for sticking that idiot on the field). I shouldn’t be surprised that he’d turn things into a tasteless farce and he shouldn’t be surprised when I don’t go to his suck ass new movie either.

The Seahawks are now 3 1/2 point underdogs in the Superbowl. No one says the can win. The #6 seeded team is the team of “destiny.” There’s no way to stop the Steelers, blah blah blah. You know what? Heard it, proved it wrong and got no loving afterwards.

Such is the life of a Seahawks fan.