Again, Later

The Seahawks self destruction in the Superbowl wasn’t planned. They quieted all the prognosticators for the first half of the game then blew it in the end. Just addressing that as I start. They had a chance but they blew it badly.

A couple of months later and I’m still looking for full time work. It’s been a challenge to stay a little sane during this time. I’ve got help from friends but really it’s on my shoulders and there’s no one here to see me wake up at 5am when I’m having an anxiety attack over bills that aren’t due for weeks. I should probably seek out some sort of therapy that I can’t afford to get me through this time, but I won’t. I’ll be okay.

Had a scare tonight. My pinnacle studio was bugging out on me. It was a newer version and from past experience I knew I’d have to reformat in order to revert to an older copy of the program. So I start the reformat. One problem though, uh, I sorta forgot to back up all my files. You know those hard to replace mpeg files and stuff that I absent mindedly stuck on the hard drive before reformatting it.


$69 for a data recovery program later, I’m sitting here waiting for it to finish to see how many of them I can get my hands on again.

Yes, I’m an idiot. It’s been that sort of life lately. I’m as white as a sheet in thinking I lost all these files and if it weren’t for my mp3 player I probably would have completely lost my mind tonight.

John Lennon’s “Just Like Starting Over” blaring now.

I have ims off, my phones off, and I just want quiet tonight. So I can lose my mind to this music while I’m impatiently waiting for this file search to compete. I have no patience at all lately and it’s getting hard to sit here and wonder how many of those files I’ll have to grab off of TV again. The sad thing is that I don’t know where to start or exactly what I had to replace. I didn’t keep track of what I was doing and now I’m going to pick and choose (well hopefully anyway) and hopefully not screw things up too badly (again).

A little while later and I found a good portion of the files and am trying to recover them now. Well the ones from a hard drive that hadn’t been reformatted. It looks like I’ll probably get a number of the files back from the last couple of weeks. Once this completes I’ll do a search of the drive that was accidentally reformatted.

Cross your fingers for me.