Half Awake

I’m sitting here not quite awake.

I had to work at the store Thanksgiving, costing me a higher rate of pay for a scheduled shift on my online job. I wasn’t happy. I was even less happy that I ended up working a hell of a lot of overtime for the online job after the “real” job and ended up with 3 hours of sleep, followed by 8 hours of work early this morning, then followed by 3 hours of sleep.

I went to “real” work from 1-9:30 and now I’m getting ready to work 11pm-8:30am. I sleep sometime, somewhere, I think anyway. I’m not happy.

Online work started giving me these all-nighters on Friday a couple of weeks back. I changed my schedule, but lol, with them, you have to put your changes in 2 weeks in advance and hope for the best.

Oh, my “real” job evaluated me today. I’m “good” in everything except availability and greeting customers. For a $6.50 an hour job, and for someone working 80 hours a week lately, that’s pretty freaking good I think. Screw them. As soon as something better comes along I’ll be happier.

I still have no life. I met a beautiful girl the other day. Likes video games and treos. She sold me one, in fact. Trouble is, married with kids. Oh, lol, if only, if only I had time to have a life and all that crap.

I’m getting my stack of movies ready for tonight. I think I want to watch the star wars series, but I’m not entirely sure. Dr. Who wasn’t new tonight and I kind of miss it already. I have a ton of editing I should be doing right now, but lol, as usual, I’m wasting what time I have. Does it worry me that I’ve stopped caring? Probably. But that’s the way life goes.