Early Morning

So I have an hour and a half until I’m working again. I’ve had a pretty light week, well light meaning that I am not doing any over time, so I’m only doing 72 hours or so instead of the 80 I did last week. This means I have had a little more time to myself.

Like right now I have an hour and a half before work. Then I have to go get firewood and it’s another 5 or 6 hours from there until I have to be at my other job. Of course, I’m back here working until 1 am (and back at 5:30am), but I think I can get some sleep during the day to make up for it.

I think my body is getting used to all of this work. You have to remember that before this I was doing next to nothing. Well, I was working my butt off on little projects that didn’t matter as much. Let alone, I was hardly leaving the house. Now I’m constantly out of here.

I put together a little list of goals that I want to achieve over the next year. Marks to hit, things to buy. I did end up buying an Xbox 360 and a palm treo 680 the other week. I had broken my palm lifedrive (again) and the Xbox is to keep my mind away from going nuts. I bought the wrestling game, the two halos and a racing game. They’re enough to keep me busy for now, though I forgot how much of a PITA the alien levels of Halo 2 were. I have high hopes for the third game, but, let’s face it, it could be turds in a box and people would still buy it.

The Treo is nice, though I miss the wiiiiiiiiiide screen of the lifedrive.

And on that note, I’m bored. An hour to work.