Even More Randoms

I don’t really have a coherent blog today so I’m just going to throw out some rants:

* I’m about to scream at the next person who brings up Chris Benoit. Including myself. So here I go, standing in front of the mirror, yelling at myself for giving myself a headache. It was a horrible situation. Let it go.

But a P.S. to that. Nancy Grace is a stooge. Her coverage of the case was worse than some of the wrestling sites in the 1990’s where fans would just make up news. Her “make up the facts” to fit her demented little mind gimmick is old and I hope she has her babies and retires ’cause she’s not even a Larry King. Say what you want but at least Larry has a fact checker.

* Speaking of Larry, his Paris Hilton interview only worked if you viewed it as the satire it was. Otherwise, it gave me more giggles than Bill Clinton’s “…but I didn’t inhale!” You HAD to be inhaling if you took anything Paris said for the truth.

* Speaking of headaches, Microsoft refusing to let the xbox 360 play mpeg-2 files is a PITA. I’ve saved several years worth of TV shows in that format. I use my computer instead of a VCR to record TV and dammit, getting a 3rd party program (which I haven’t gotten to work yet) to transcode files on the fly while the 360 sites there staring at me just is stupid. But, hey, at least I got it to work with my network… some of the times.

* I’m about to buy a new router. I have to work for an hour this morning then I’m going to scoot up to staples to look at prices. If there’s nothing good, I’ll run back here and put an order in to newegg.com. I really would like to have it today because I’m SO busy next week. I know I’m working 9 or 10 hour days at the store for the weekend, followed by a 13 hour day on the 4th of July at the store. Yes, we’re open normal hours and I volunteered to be there because there was nothing on TV. So hey, I need to get the router installed quickly.

* Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ended last night. Let me just say that the pilot episode was spectacular. It should have been a movie. The actors were fantastic, the characters were compelling, the plot was amazing and… it should never had made it past that. With the second episode on the writers seemed to lose their way and spend more time getting rid of interesting or compelling parts of the show. You could spend years writing about the failure of this show (which I was a fan of) because they went out of their way to do so many lame things to turn viewers away. Hell, I’ve seen every episode and I could barely tell you what the hell was going on for the past week because they kept going to flashbacks.

Note to Hollywood: Flashbacks to events that happened at the same location years earlier only work when a) the characters look different from what they do in “normal time,” b) the set looks somewhat different than it does in “normal time” and c) there’s something plot wise to tell the viewer you’re going to be transported back in time and what the characters who look the same and are talking in the same location as they were last year actually happened some time in the past.

A little “2001″ on the screen would have been nice.

Instead, the past 4 episodes flashes everyone and no, we didn’t get to see anyone topless. And a topless Mathew Perry? Please god, no. I can look at my own manboobs if I wanted to see that.

Am I ranting? Yes.

So I’ll wrap it up with: The past 4 weeks of flashbacks should have been a stand alone episode. It would have worked. But we wouldn’t know now because the whole series is canceled so it doesn’t matter.

* Finally, DEAD LIKE ME IS BACK! Well, in a direct to dvd without Mandy Patinkin kind of way. But still! GEORGE IS BACK!

Somewhere, somehow, an angel is taking a smoke break and smiling.