I Don’t Wanna…

I don’t want to go to bed, though I don’t have much choice about it. I have to be up at 8am for 3 hours of work, get a quick shower, then go off for 7 hours at the store then come home for another hour at night. It could be MUCH worse since my 4am shifts start this week, however, I traded the ones scheduled for 4 hours from now so I could actually get some sleep.

I really don’t want to stop this day because I don’t want to start the morning yet. I’m not really tired and I want to cling to every hour of this day I can before I surrender. Of course, that’s something I can’t put off for much longer since as soon as I typed that I wasn’t tired, I yawned and the tiredness hit me. Great. So typical.

11 hours tomorrow. 8 hours Monday. I have to get through it some how.

God help me.