Insane 2AM Whining. Or Something.

So it’s a little past 2AM ET and I’m having trouble falling asleep. My sleep patterns are so weird lately that it’s not funny. I get one day a week to sleep in — Wednesdays — and every other Wednesday is dedicated to getting up extremely early to ferry my dad or myself to haircut. I guess I could change the day, however, it seems that the early appointments are the best (the barber doesn’t really get backed up until 10am-ish), and we’re used to going on Wednesdays.

I’ve bitched about working before. Right now I’m trying to change my sleep patterns because it looks like I have a lot of all nighters coming up. So the goal is to sleep in early evening then fool my body into thinking it’s on a normal time. I tried that earlier by getting 3 hours of sleep in mid afternoon and well, lol, it’s left me in quite a state.

I thought I was seeing things when I saw something moving on the floor about an hour ago. It turned out to be a spider merrily scurrying along my floor. He wasn’t too big and I went to catch him but I was too slow. I could see him or her move out of the corner of my eye in a way I never could before. Maybe my senses are more alert due to lack of sleep or maybe the lack of sleep had diminished my capacity to realize that it was one hella big spider.

Oh well.

A friend of mine was on today. We talked about our mutual terrors of the girl I mentioned a few posts back. The friend who was obsessed with her. In a way she’s changed my life as well because I’m a lot less out going since meeting her. I never go anywhere normally, but now, when I meet people online I’m wary of giving out too much. The last time I met someone (creep stalker girl), she spent hours at a time talking about my other friend and just being insane. Totally out of her mind. I don’t need another one of those. So now I’m wary of everyone I meet or talk to.

Her last email to me was fresh in my mind this morning when she IM’d me. I closed the IM without responding. Like clockwork it was followed by an email berating me for “not being a nice guy.” Well, no, I’m a stupid guy who forgot to block one of her IM names after realizing how insane she was. So now, lol, now I’m spooked.

Life is changing a lot and I’m not sleeping and I have a million pieces of wood to move and stack yet and I don’t wanna get up at 5am and I hate everything and everyone and you can’t make me believe in anything but whining at the moment.

Sorry, the whine had to come out.

It’s late. I’m sleeping with my eyes open and wishing the scary people would just go away.

Talk to you on the flip side.