These Dreams, Again

So I had a dream based on the concept of ‘I am Legend,’ the book and the movie. I haven’t read the book and I’ve only seen promos for the movie, so, the few people left to read should consider this spoiler space even though I have no clue what either is going to be like.

I, of course, forgot to take a pill for heart burn after having chili last night, it’s the coldest night of the year and I was struggling with being up early, so, as usual, the dream I gave myself to wake up was pretty vivid.

I watched in the dream as someone was hunting vampires. In this world, most of the population was wiped out by some sort of pandemic. One group of survivors slept in deep comas at night, but appeared as humans during the day. While another were full time can’t go into the sunlight vampires. It was this second group that caught and interrogated the last man on earth to be fully human. He somehow escaped from them and made his way into the city.

The city itself seemed normal and his life went back to a fairly normal situation after years of being by himself. However, there were groups of terrorists who wanted to destroy the society in the name of true vampires. One group had a suicide pact and drove an ambulance filled with explosives into a busy shopping center in the name of the true vampires.

The main character eventually figured out that the source of the bacteria that caused the plague was from a man who was somehow mutated by exposure to radiation. He cannot die as long as he’s exposed to blood and he has taken up a leadership position among the true vampires. The rest of the dream skipped around as the last human kidnapped the first vampire, eventually taking him to a mountain top in Germany and essentially impaling him into the side of the mountain with huge rocks and keeping him alive for a time in the impaled state to watch as the human survives.

Years later the human vampires finally catch up with the last human. They find him living near the impalement site and he’s spent the years surrounding the last vampire with everything precious in the world. From cars to gold to piles and piles of painting. There’s also hundreds of bodies of vampires that he’s woken the first vampire up to watch as he executes. As he’s very much insane by that time, they decided to put him out of his misery by executing him on the spot and leaving him and the apparently now dead first vampire alone. The area becomes a forbidden city and no one is allowed to go in there.

Of course, flash forward a few thousand years as the plague has run its course and humanity has returned to semi-normal. Archaeologists find the ruins and riches and the boulders impaling a man. As they start to dig out the body, one man pricks himself on a sharp rock accidentally, the blood sprays onto the first vampire’s body and it all starts over again…

And now I have to be to work in 30 minutes, I still have heart burn and I wonder what I’ll dream about tomorrow night…