Catching Up

So for the past week one of the dogs has been sick with a pretty massive sinus infection. I honestly thought it was a stroke and he was going to die. He couldn’t walk straight, his eyes were all bugging out and it was all the signs of a stroke. Took him to the vet and it turned out that it’s a strange sort of infection that older dogs get.

Since he couldn’t do anything for himself for most of the week, it was my job to clean him up when he wet himself, clean up the kitchen after that, make sure he was getting water (had to use a needle-less syringe to squirt water in his mouth), and generally see to it that he was alive and cared for while he’s getting better.

I’m glad to say that while he’s not 100% okay, he is getting a bit better. He’s drinking water on his own and he’s standing up and walking now. His head is still cocked at a weird angle (a sign of the syndrome) but the vet says in another week he should be fine. He’s even eating… well chunks of meat. Deli ham mainly. He turns his nose up at everything else. He’s actually eating better than most people right now (getting waited on hand and foot!), and I’m sure he’ll milk it until he gets better.

For those who asked, yes, it’s that time of year and yes, I still have my own sinus infection. I always get one in late May and early June and ta-da, I’m sitting here doing okay as well. I know somethings going on because any time I open my mouth, I can suddenly hear better on the left side of my head.  It’s just normal for this time of year. Sometimes I do get really really sick, sometimes I go deaf for a month or two on the left side, but in the end, it’s abnormal. It’s just something to deal with for a month or two until I bounce back.

And that’s my quick update, for now anyway.