Friday Night Blahs

I’m finishing a shift then waiting up for schedules to be posted tomorrow so I can grab extra hours and round out my schedule.

Right now I have a headache. I also have hunger pains, which I haven’t had in the longest time. I’ve managed to keep up with the “no eating other than full meals after 6pm” thing and it’s going okay. Though I’m starving now and my legs hurt from doing the treadmill for three days in a row. But they’re supposed to hurt. I’m supposed to be hungry and if I’m ever going to stop whining and start losing weight it’s time to accept that.

I’ve been really anti-social this week on top of things. I don’t know if it’s because my folks are off visiting my sister again, the major changes in my life, or the new weight-gain-prevention program I’ve started, but I just don’t feel like talking. I’m blogging, sure, but blogging is like a letter to no one. I’m not interacting by doing this, I’m just jotting down whatever is on the top of my head at this moment in time. I’m like a goldfish, I instantly forget it, but it’s good to get out my thoughts so I don’t drive myself nuts.

I should be writing people back this weekend since I have messages waiting for me in Owned and a long letter from an ex-girlfriend to respond to. No biggie there, just a “how you doing?” note from her. I can’t really respond by saying “hey, life sucks right now and I don’t really want to talk about it” so lol I’ve got to be creative and get off my ass and write.

Evil James is visiting tomorrow so at least we’re going to kill things on Xbox 360 AND on Intellivision if I can get the controllers to work. Space Armada, here we come!

On that note, still waiting for schedules. Tomorrow starts in 6 hours.