The State of My Union

I’m sitting in my office at home waiting for the HughesNet repair guy to get here. It’s Wednesday, October 22, 2008. I have a cold, I’ve had 5 hours of sleep, I know I’m dehydrated and I really really really want my high speed internet back.

Last Friday we had roofers at the house. They promised me that my dish would be back up by 9am. Well, in roofer talk, “back up” means “haphazardly stuck to the roof, pointing in the general direction it used to point, without any sort of signal at all.”

A call to HughesNet proved what an idiot I was for believing the roofers. We were put on a very long waiting list and I had to somehow find a dialup provider in the 33 minutes I had between almost shooting the idiots and having to get my butt to work.

To anyone on dialup: I apologize. I’m sorry, I really am. As sucky and horrible a provider as HughesNet is (there’s no DSL or Cable up here in the mountains), it is a billion times faster than the 49.5k I’m allegedly connecting at now.

To the readers of my comic strip, let alone the Owned web site, I apologize as well. I can’t upload anything and I haven’t been able to do updates all weekend. It’s kind of difficult to do anything when your service DIES any time you try to upload or (dear god) launch two web pages at once.

Allegedly, this guy will be here today. Allegedly, all will be right in the world. Allegedly, I won’t get so frustrated that I’ll shoot anything that moves. Allegedly.

With all the problems over the weekend, you’d be surprised that I did get some things done. If I get my dish back up today, I’ll be launching all the comics I’ve promised for this week so you’ll have four comics (3 of them pretty new to you) over on Media Elite. The *daily* Owned Person of the Day will return as HEY! I can finally open Owned without a 5 minute delay between pictures.

Side note: If you want to contact me in Owned, please DO NOT leave comments on my pictures. For whatever reason, even with high speed internet, it takes 20-25 refreshes of an Owned page to actually SEE comments. So most of the time I never see them. If it’s important, please use regular facebook mail. I’m the only Jim Finch listed as Jim Finch on facebook so it’s not hard to track me down.

For those looking for my political commentary, again, apologies. I am a fan of the Presidential races. The whole strategy of what states are “more important” than others fascinates me. I get more worked up for the people I root for than I do for sports teams (especially this year with my Seahawks set to have a traditional 1-15 season!). I love the process, I love to TALK about the process and I end up alienating people who don’t understand that to me, it’s like watching sports.

Right now I’m amazed that John McCain seems to be throwing great resources into my state (Pennsylvania) even though he’s down 13 points in the polls. If you believe the nation-wide polling, he needs to win every swing state and turn at least one Democratic state in his favor to win. Pennsylvania has a huge number of electoral collage votes and it’s a prize, for sure. However, down 13 points with 13 days to go is an awful big number and it is amazing to me that everything could come down to my state this year.

But you’re yawning or rolling your eyes and it’s time to move on.

So, with any luck, things will be better today. This has been where I am now with everything and hopefully what will happen today. The alternative is shooting someone, which is going to be pretty hard since I don’t have a gun and think “guns are icky.”

But, I do have rubber bands. So just watch your socks, mister and missy!