Breaking Some Chains

Finally stopped going to one gossip site which I’ll only mention by the name “Pig Herpes.” I’m not going to say the name of it because it is the name of the “star” star of the site (though the site is really ghost written) who has turned the site into the basis for his celebrity. So any publicity, in his world, is good publicity and it all makes him a bigger star.

I deleted his bookmark because he has gone from taunting and ridiculing celebrities to taunting and ridiculing overweight teenagers who post to youtube. I mean, really? He is someone who famously fought his weight problems (even going on an unaired season of ‘Celebrity Fit Club’), documented the drama around outing himself,  let alone all the other staged public dramas and bullcrap… only to throw everything he has achieved out the window because he can’t help himself when it comes to taunting those who can’t defend themselves.

Celebrities and public figures? They can fight back. They can sue his butt. But random teenagers on youtube? Since when is that gossip? Since when is that RIGHT?

Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to. I mean, I used to be just as bad as anyone else. I was wild in my early to mid 20’s, but I’ve changed. I’ve learned to hold my tongue and maybe see things from a different perspective before running my mouth. I wronged some people and I’ve hurt some people and I’ll never get to apologize for my bullcrap in that past life. But I’ve never resorted to the out and out public humiliation that this guy seems to thrive on.

So goodbye “Pig Herpes,” may you get what you want in this world. Hopefully not at the expense of the rest of us. You’ve lost a reader and for once, I know I won’t be going back.