My Life’s Work?

I’ve had a couple of people ask me why I’m putting everything I’ve ever done back up. From the old wrestling newsletters to the old blogs to the old TechTV, everything is OLD don’t ya know? Who is going to be interested in reading all of THAT?

These are pretty valid questions. I really don’t have answers for them either. I have no idea who will be in their right minds long enough to remember this stuff let alone care about it but that really isn’t the point.

I guess I got tired of living in the shadows. Sure I can say “I used to run the biggest TechTV fan site on the internet” or “I used to run one of the first pro wrestling newsletters on the internet” or “I’ve been blogging since 2001” but I was one of those guys who could talk a good game but proving it was another story. Due to my own vanity (and god knows I am vain), server crashes, friends going insane (if you notice a “brand new animated character” in the TechTV strips well…), you name it, the work just hasn’t been up there for anyone to see. It’s been sitting on my drive dodging hard drive crash after hard drive crash and no one has seen it. That kind of bugged me.

I’m not putting EVERYTHING back up. I’m torn as to reliving the memories of all my old poetry (gah! poetry!) and putting it out there for public consumption again and the old Reality Devil files aren’t going up simply because the best stuff was lost on joker’s updates web server before I could archive it. I was thinking of doing a Reality Devil animated series at one point but that’s just going to have to wait a while until I get more time.

Time. That’s probably what’s doing it. Maybe I’m having a midlife crisis. I just sort of want people to know what I am capable of. In the unlikely event anyone takes notice, hey, here’s a life’s worth of content right on the web for you to read. They say writers write what they know and you can see everything I know from 1993 until present day right here for free on the web! Isn’t that a great deal?

Plus, if you think I’m an idiot, hey, there’s fodder to PROVE it! Time after time, I’ve put my foot in my mouth or written something stupid or failed miserably. It’s all here for your enjoyment, I’ve got no shame, NO SHAME, I’m putting it out there for everyone to see and to hell with the consequences.

If history repeats, and knock on wood, I’ve got a lot more time ahead of me to do this stuff. So hopefully you’ll be along for the ride. If not, I’ll continue to talk to myself through these things and as I get older I’ll enjoy the times when I was young and free and not so jaded. Or something.

With that, work begins in 30. I gotta wake up.


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