Oops, I Did it…

A little bit later, head hurts worse than before. Tomorrow’s going to be a longer day. I’m heading for more mystery shops up near Kane, PA. Think about what it takes to go to the dark side of the moon and how much effort it will take and you’ll have an idea about how far it feels going all the way up to Kane from here. It’s worth it for the money but doh, it’s a PITA that I’m thankful only comes up once every couple of months.


I love the way the site looks right now. I really do. Unfortunately, I can’t keep up with it. The way I have it laid out is that I do the layouts of the main index pages in Macromedia Fireworks first then export it into Dreamweaver. I then correct the HTML, correct the titles, test it, etc. etc. While the end result is great, the process … well, the process is a PITA.

Right now with all the changes going on at work and because of how strained my time to do anything is, I have to make some changes in order to streamline things around here. While the strips themselves will remain how they are (I’m not crazy, they’re my bread and butter!), the main index and other areas are going to go through some changes to a low tech but stylish style. Not exactly sure how it’s gonna happen, but I do like the format I came up with for my blog and we might go with that.

What’s funny is that I realized I did something again. Whenever my best friend is away, I always do something to redesign one of my websites. It’s usually a huge redesign and I can track it back. Each time, lol, I fill the former hanging out time with redesigning something huge. So once the mystery shops settle down this week, I might be up to my neck in html code for the rest of the week or two. So watch for it.

I’ll probably start a trend again by announcing it, but hey, as always, this site is often imitated but never duplicated. We set standards. That’s both good and bad and I’ll address that at a future time.

But for right now, I’m heading out.

Be good.