Last Post of the Year

So it’s the last blog entry of 2012 and I’m up late. I’m doing an insane on-off 13 or 14 hour shift and then I need to have blood work done to check out my Potassium levels again. The new doctor is concerned that my blood pressure medicine may be lowering my potassium levels so this is the third round of it as she’s added a supplement to my diet. I’m not terribly keen on the idea of blood work, let alone, spending money on blood work, but I’ve been getting serious about my health this year.

I’m down between 15 and 17 pounds since Election Day 2012. It goes up and down and thankfully, seems to continue to go down as the weeks go by. My biggest source of weight loss has been giving most of the soda I had been relying on to keep me awake for years. I’m down to 1 soda a day if I remember to have it, but a lot of days since Grey died I’ve forgotten it. I’ve also eliminated candy bars and potato chips and have been trying to cut back on my portion size at meal time.

Anyone who has read my Facebook knows I’m obsessing over these things and really, I need to. I had a big wake up call in October when my mom (after years of begging for one) got me a single piece snow suit for a late Christmas present. The trouble is, at 252 pounds, I couldn’t fit into it. It wouldn’t zipper past my belly. Even now, at 235-237 pounds, I’m having trouble with that zipper and it’s tight, but at least I can get the darn thing on.

I had been doing treadmill for the first 6 months of the year and didn’t lose a pound. I felt a lot better than I did before, but none of the weight was coming off. Now that I’m not doing treadmill and I’m not on soda or chips or candy, the weight has been coming off. We’ll see what happens as this year mom delayed getting wood (even though I paid her enough to cover the wood), until late fall and early winter. We have two loads sitting out there under a foot of snow and a third one ordered. So I’ll probably be hauling wood until February at this rate. Fun times, just… fun.

I am scaring myself though. A lot has changed. I sleep more because I’m not high on the caffeine. Tonight we had TGI Fridays for an early New Year’s dinner and I could barely finish my sandwich and gave the dog my fries. I just couldn’t do it. Same goes with big subs, I used to be able to polish them off without a problem. Now, it’s an ordeal, a yummy ordeal, but an ordeal none-the-less. I know the space is there, I know I *can* finish, I just don’t have the desire to do so.

Christmas Dinner was another case. I bought an expensive pie to go with the meal. When Grey Grey got sick, I skipped dinner to take her to the hospital and I forgot about the pie. Tonight I found out that my folks ate the entire thing and didn’t even tell me they had “left me a piece” and “assumed I didn’t want it” so dad finished it. Mind you, I’m still in shock over her death, but the old me would have been all over that pie. Especially when stressed. I don’t know what to think, other than my parents are pretty rude. Someone should have said something to me about it after all I had been through.

But isn’t that typical about life? Do anything to help someone and someone else comes along and steals your pie.

Oh well.

I hope you have a safe and healthy new year. I’m headed back to work.