Easter 2013

It’s a rare March Easter and I’m in my computer chair finishing one shift then moving on to reports that I need to do for my job. It’s the weekly Sunday thing, nothing special. I tend to get everything done between 3am and 8am Eastern then go back to bed for a while. Today I’m hoping to avoid the string of bad luck we’ve had on the holidays lately. Gumpy dying around Christmas 2011, Kat dying around Thanksgiving 2012 and Grey Grey dying literally on Christmas 2012. Haven’t been a lot of happy memories lately to share with anyone. In fact, if I could sleep through this day, I would and not miss anything.

My mom is making a ham later. I’m trying to convince her that she should make stuffing on the side since we haven’t had that since Christmas and I didn’t get to eat Christmas dinner. That’s all I usually eat on the holidays. Well, stuffing and mashed potatoes. I’m not really big into the “traditional’ meats of turkey and ham presented as big roasts. Mind you, I’ll eat a turkey club sandwich or a ham and Swiss, but for some reason I don’t like the way they’re presented as big holiday meals. Add it to the growing list of my food phobias and hang ups. A friend of mine tells me that she’d never know what to cook for me if she had to and that’s true. I never know what to cook for me either. It changes all the time.

My weight loss has hit a brick wall. I’m not gaining, but I’m not losing either. Mother has successfully set off the Easter candy trap (before it was the Valentine’s Day candy trap). I’ve got to just avoid everything involving her for a while. I’m already reducing my portions again. This time, I’m ending the practice of the extra whatever for me. Like there’s four burgers in a pack and three of us here. That means someone has to eat burger #4 or it goes to waste. I used to eat them both at once, later amending it to putting one away for later. Now I don’t want it. The dog is old, the dog is losing weight, the dog is gonna get that burger from now on. Same goes with getting things from restaurants. If we got take out, I’d always want something extra for the next day since getting food out was a rare treat. Well, it’s not rare any more, I don’t need it. I’ve got food here. I’ll probably still get an appetizer in the unlikely event we go to TGI Fridays again in the near future (been burnt too many times with craptastic take out from there), but everything else is down to one thing.

I have lost about 25 pounds. That’s good for me. I haven’t had a diverticulitis flare up in a while either. When I was at my heaviest and I had a flare up, I literally could not get out of bed without great pain. You’ll see from some of the older blogs I’m putting back on here, I literally needed to sleep sitting up or with 8 pillows propping me up. It wasn’t a good situation and I’m glad those days are (hopefully) gone.

I’m still addicted to sugar, though. It’s bad. I know that. Especially when I’m stressed, I go through a lot of lifesavers. I’ve given them up recently. Trying to switch back to Starlights Peppermints, which are stronger and last longer. Sadly, as soon as I gave up lifesavers, mom brought in the Starburst Jellybeans for one of her Easter traps and it’s hard to pass them up. Will power, my ass, they’re good. Dammit.

Strong. You evil jelly beans won’t beat me.

Delicious evil jelly beans.