Oh, this again?

This is hopefully the last time I’m writing this. Seriously. I tap, I give up. I’m getting ready to release the NEW version of what was once The Media Elite, Volume 01, Issue 01.

You’ve seen this blog entry before if you’ve been hanging around this blog because, yes, I make this announcement every couple of years (or twice a year once, I think) and… well, it usually ends horribly.

This time though, I’ve got no goals or ambitions other than to get the basic story out there as close to the original script as I can. It’s NOT a revival, my focus of the NEW stuff is still Volume 06. While there’s going to be some changes to Volume 01, they’re more cosmetic than anything this time around. It’s NOT a case where I’m going to say this “no changes” stuff and then start work and get three issues in and decide to tell stories. I have a goal in mind and I’m going to stick to it.

Stop LAUGHING at me. Seriously. THIS time I’m sticking to the script!

Now Volume 02, 03, 04 and 05… well. Yeah. Things change. But number one? Nope, nope nope. Couple of character name changes to reflect the new models (and those we’ve lost rights to), couple of “real world” reference changes, minor story edits and… McHappy has hair.

There really wasn’t a way around that one. It’s probably the MOST controversial change of the first series. I can’t make a bald head within the iClone 5 program that looks good from the camera angles I need to use when doing captures. While the default models are bald, the second you put a new face on one things go higgility piggilly. So McHappy has hair now.

And Celine’s later boyfriend is different.

And the city is the current model, not the old one I used just for Volume 01.

And Mae Neva is her modern version.

And Ralph and Newbie are in it now.



::throws his hands in the air madly::

::runs out of the room::