January, Too

My workout routine was knocked on its butt between the ever-present chill in the air that hit in early December and a sinus infection that literally made the step exercises a near psychedelic experience. While I’ve been feeling better, my hearing has been coming and going on the left side and I just haven’t had the motivation to do much of anything. I keep holding out hope that when the Xbox One comes (long story for another time) that I’ll be fully into the free workout programs there. That was the plan for this year since what I was doing with my workout routine was exercise, but I’m not sure it was the right exercise routine for me. It lacked variety and frankly, it became a chore to do.

I’m also not sleeping more than a couple of hours at a time. That’s probably the biggest impact on anything. I got into a crazy routine for the Black Friday coverage at work and I adjusted to it and I haven’t taken the time to let go and get sleep again. I surprised myself (in a very hectic work week and not my normal hours), by falling asleep for five consecutive hours tonight. That hasn’t happened in weeks and had I not had a dream about the hard drives I was moving around (I was convinced my pillow was a hard drive), I probably would have slept through my shift.

This isn’t how I had planned the first month of the year. I wanted this to be the year where I get in shape and actually take control of things. January has been a bad month for a lot of things. While I’ve achieved at least one goal (curb spending), everything else in my life is total chaos right now. I haven’t had a haircut since Thanksgiving and I haven’t shaved in over a week. I guess, if I’m focusing on getting myself together, I’ll start on that next then start on the rest from there.

There will be surprises this year. I’m hoping, in a good way, next year at this time I will not be in the place I am now. I have to start working on my future while I still have it in me to shine.

Last note before wrapping up the ramble. The past couple of years I’ve been in a funk for the holidays. In 2012 we lost my cat Bubbagump (given name “Oberon”) right around Christmas. 2013 we lost Kat a day or two after Thanksgiving then Gray Gray ON Christmas Day. The holidays put me in a great funk this year. Even though Gray’s loss was balanced by gaining King Louis on the same day, the holidays filled me with dread this year and they were really tough. For those who haven’t been following my Facebook, well, the holidays ended with another surprise this year as on New Year’s day we were blessed with a new addition in Albert, another stray cat, who jumped into my arms on one of the coldest days in recent history.

Albert is a black cat and reminds me too much of Bubbagump (also black but with a couple of distinct patches of white). I admit there’s been a disconnect since he’s SO much like Gumpy. I know him. I know almost everything about him, but he doesn’t know me yet (after nearly a month here), so it’s something I need to build on. I have to give him a chance to be him and not a shade of Gumpy. We’ll see how it goes.

As for the blog and this site, there’s more to write so I’ll be back eventually.