More Stuff Going On

It’s a Saturday in April and the second day of the first published schedule featuring the always fun major cutbacks at work. 1/3rd of my hours are gone without warning. I’m not very happy right now, but no one is. That’s part of life when you work online. If anyone has any leads on work, mainly online work, I’d be much appreciative. Thank you in advance.

I’m in the tail end of moving most of the old blog entries from the old site to the new. I still have a billion entries to move over from the hard drive (2001 to present), plus the old poems and Ring Reports (both subjects getting their own databases), and I need to design a front end for the new site.

As for the comics. I don’t know. I really don’t. I want to continue. I want to do a lot of things, but I haven’t produced a new issue in 10 months now and while I intend to do something and I’m obsessing over things. I have to see what our new software can do an if it’s worth going on so stay tuned because it’s that time of year and…

Yeah. I’m that predictable.

Stay tuned.