Comics Talk

Well, since you clicked on it, you can see that I’m in the process of adding a blog to this site.

When sitting down at this I’m thinking to myself “Yes, a blog will be great — I update it daily! I can put my thoughts down whenever I like without having to do the html updates! It’ll be awesome! I’ll keep up with it, yes I will!”

But it reality … well, we all know how this goes. Entries will come as I have something worthwhile to write about.

Still mucking around with the software to see what I can actually do with one of these.

Some site news:

* I can’t believe the we’re getting pretty close to our 50th strip already. That just boggles my mind. We’re getting back into the flow of things as we can and yes, I’m working on getting us jump started again and hopefully life has started to be less stressful so I can sneak back into doing this as I can.

* Also, I’m planning on attending Patrick and Leo’s stop in New Jersey next week to see them both speak. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully my friends won’t back out at the last minute. As much as I love TechTV, the 4 or 5 hour ride by myself is going to be killer. Hope to see some of you there.

* A lot of questions about the game I used to create Robyn with under “Silly Stuff.” The game is called Fire Pro Wrestling D and it’s a Japanese import for Sega Dreamcast. Variations of the game are floating around for a lot of systems (including Saturn and Playstation 1), but so far this is the best one I’ve played. The game is a lot like the old WWF Wrestling Challenge mixed with the ever classic Nintendo Pro Wrestling. You need to either mod your Dreamcast or get a Gameshark or DC-X disk to run it as it’s an import game. Note: IT TAKES A LOT OF MEMORY BLOCKS, so go stock up on memory cards while you can still find them. IT IS WORTH BUYING.

I have Laura and Anne in the works, however, since it’s a Japanese wrestling game, they’ll either look distinctly Japanese or look like Chyna. That’s just the limits on the game.

With that, thank you again for reading and this blog is officially under way!