I Really Don’t Give a Flying Hoot

Yesterday afternoon I finished putting up the last of the blogs that I’ve been holding on to on my hard drive for the past few years. I had taken most of them down years back and then never gotten around to putting them back up when we moved to Joombla and then when we moved back to WordPress so they’ve been kind of sitting here taking up space.

There’s a lot of reasons why I took them down, and why I took most of my work down for that matter, but I’ve come to the conclusion that if I want any sort of legacy or anything to pass on after I die, sadly, it’s going to be the works featured on this site. I’ve got nothing else to show for my entire lifetime. Is that sad? Yeah, probably. When your life is condensed into blog whines, pro wrestling newsletters, really bad poetry and comic strips/books that nobody reads? Okay so fine. It’s not much but it’s what I have to offer.

So everything I have left is going back up. I’ve given up on improving it, I’ve given up on making sense of it. The only major project I have in mind coming up is to reformat the wrestling newsletters so they don’t look as bad in this format (they were originally intended for CompuServe with like an 80 character limit per line). Every blog entry that I can find is back up and the bunches that aren’t, if I find them, they’ll be back up.

Every comic strip is going back up. That includes the TechTV stuff. I had one TechTV person decide that she didn’t want to be featured years after she gave permission to use her likeness and was a big part of the editorial content of said comic strips. To her I say “sue me.” Seriously.

Same goes to the people who I didn’t want to feature in the first series of real comic books. You’re going back up. You’ve been featured on the internet for years. You gave your permission to use your likeness. If you object, contact me or sue me. I haven’t made a single dollar off of this site in 15 years and I don’t intend to monetize it now.  If I did, you’d be gone in an instant.

As far as the folks from the Wrestling Newsletters? Dear lord, your reports were from nearly TWO DECADES ago. Probably should be getting over yourself by now. They’re wrestling reports, you sent them to me, that’s that.

Now after all of this work is done and I have a fully functioning site again? Then I’m going to give it one last go at writing a comic series. The one that I wanted to write for some time. If that fails, then I’ll probably try something else. I realized tonight that I’ve been doing some sort of writing projects since I was 15 years old. Newsletters, Comics, etc., heck, even hundreds of thousands of pages of letters that are scattered (pre-blogs) throughout the world right now from my childhood to the end of college. I must write. I must keep busy. I must be in over my head because that’s me.

And I hope to god you enjoy reading this legacy.