Not Exactly Awake

As the title of the post reads, I’m not exactly awake yet. It’s A little after 2AM and I woke up smelling skunk from the fan going in my window, yet again (feeding station story coming one of these days), and muttering to myself about picking up an earlier than normal shift this week. I’m in the middle of a diverticulitis flare up and I got really sick the other morning. I was dazed out of my mind this time and the pain was in a new spot so I wasn’t sure what it was. Of course, the fact that I’m actually admitting to having diverticulitis in public, on my blog, for everyone to see is pretty new. I’ve bitched about stuff before, but actually talking about it this openly was no-no because I was afraid that if I ever wanted insurance, I’d immediately disqualify myself for most plans since it’s a pre-existing condition. Say what you want about the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare” BOO! Now jump out of your seat…), one of the benefits of the act is I don’t have to hide stuff any more in fear of forever disqualifying myself for decent health insurance rates.

The pain has migrated to the normal spot tonight, btw, so yeah, I’ll be in hell for the next couple of days until my body settles down. Which sucks for my work out as I haven’t done squats in a couple of days due to the pain and I’m doing what I can to work around it. It’s driving me a bit crazy since squats are the “hard” part of my workout and I’m getting discouraged. It’s too easy to walk away from the program completely to “rest” today and I really don’t want to give up so I have to be extra vigilant I guess in getting back into it once thing stop being such a bother with my body.

I didn’t do myself any favors today. My friend Evil James was in town for the day and we moved an old swing set up a steep hill in order to let the local junk dealer come pick it up. I knew I shouldn’t, but it was the only time I’d have help until the holidays and I really didn’t want to be out there in the snow trying to move things. As we started, I counted down the minutes until my mother would come out to harass us about moving it. She’s a master of that. You get half way through some project with company or a stranger and she is notorious for popping in and making herself look good by yelling how stupid we are for even trying, how we’re doing it completely wrong and how, after starting the impossible thing (in this case, half way up the hill with the big swing set), and AFTER we’ve made it past the point of no return, encouraging us to give up because it’s impossible and stupid and we shouldn’t have even tried since things were fine the way they were.

I was prepared for her this time though. I kind of shamed her. I was literally in so much pain that I didn’t care. I told her that this was a three person job and she could either come and help or she could shut up. There were no other options. I didn’t have time for negativity. While I don’t normally disrespect her, what she was doing was stupid and predictable and I was kind of surprised as she shut her mouth and joined in the move. Of course, once we were done, I heard about it and our next project consisted of her and Evil James taking the lights off the pre-lit Christmas tree (there was a blown string), while I sat in my office in pain to escape from the tirade. Yeah. Like I said, I didn’t do myself any favors today with my body. I’m feeling like death from all that work (and the pizza that followed), and all I really want to do is climb back into bed and sleep the morning away.

But I gotta work… and work and sleep and work and see the Seahawks and workout and… try to finish issue 01-04 of Amazing Incredible today. I’m six pages away in the layouts. I just need time alone (and stress free) to finish them before moving on to lettering. Oh. Lettering. Another blog for another day.

I’m getting ready to do what I can do workout wise today while it’s early enough to forget.