The Ring Report

The Ring Report TV Update started as a weekly wrestling update letter from Jim Finch to his friend Andrew Q. Records in 1986. Finch had moved from Kent, Washington to Columbia, Maryland and had no other life than his TV at that point and continued to send out regular wrestling updates for the next few years.

Finch revived this weekly letter, now in Newsletter format, in the early months of 1993. It was posted on America On-Line, CompuServe and Prodigy and gained a cult following over the years. He continued with it (in various formats and eventually expanding to the web), until 1999 when the Ring Report TV Update ended due to time constraints with his full time day job.

Over the years he Ring Report TV Update featured TV and house show reports and opinion columns from wrestling fans around the world. There are mentions of and articles from folks who are still very much active in the wrestling world some twenty years later.

Finch sends his thanks to everyone who participated in the newsletter and all of those who have enjoyed the old issues over the years. Please enjoy this site as a look back at what was in “the glory days!”

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